When organizations produce applications that are used for various business critical features, it’s important to ensure that they do not contain serious security vulnerabilities. With few exceptions, many developers lack the training, context and incentives for writing secure code. Inadvertent vulnerabilities regularly result in breaches of company infrastructure and may cause economic and reputational damage.



By having Syndis assess applications, either as a one-off assessment or a continuous review when major changes are made, companies can be reassured that the code they are shipping is more secure and far less likely to result in a major breach.

By combining white box/code review techniques during the assessment, our review can dive much deeper and catch more issues in shorter time. The approach also allows for potential design flaws to be found, and other improvements in the application can be suggested to mitigate possible future issues.



Software has bugs. Developers err and will continue to make mistakes. Companies must strive to systematically minimize the prevalence of security bugs in their software and eliminate them before attackers exploit them and wreak havoc.

The training gave me the overview I need in my dayly work to keep my company ready for unespected attacks
— Rune Toldam, Bespoke


  • Allows for focusing on a single application and go in depth

  • Source code review allows for more in depth review, take less time and catch more issues, as well as more “difficult” issues to spot, that wouldn’t be caught in a black box review.

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