This is Syndis

We are a cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive protection adapted to the exact needs of our customers, from prevention to post-event recovery.

The digital world has changed a lot since our founder first hacked the bank of Iceland. 30 years later, business is digital by default – and so is crime. But we’re uniquely equipped to face this threat head-on.

Like our early experiments, it begins with creativity. With the joy of finding a new way to do things. Being independent, innovating, finding the best solution for our clients. Even if it’s an unconventional one.

Safety comes from trust, so we pair creativity with integrity. By making the most technical details of our craft feel relevant, we empower our least technical customers. And putting their specific needs first beats prioritising our business every time. Synthesising this service-mindedness with our hacker mentality makes excellence, and

makes us invaluable partners to our clients, too. Together, we’ll take decisive steps to eliminate the danger of cyberattacks. To always act against insecurity, wherever we see it.

To unhack the planet.

Our management team

Anton Egilsson


Theódór R. Gíslason

Co-founder & CTO

Eva Demireva

HR Manager

Guðjón Ingi Ágústsson


Bára Hlynsdóttir

Director of SOC Service

Ebenezer Böðvarsson

Team Lead Management Security

Gunnar Smári Agnarsson

Offensive Security Operations Lead

Björn Orri Guðmundsson

Director of Aftra

Guðríður Steingrímsdóttir


Mission / Vision / Values 

We safeguard against threats by combining world-leading innovations with service that empowers our clients across the globe. It’s this unique synthesis that allows us to pursue our proudly independent mission – to reduce cyberattack anxiety, defend digital infrastructure and above all unhack the planet.

We combine world-leading innovation with rigorous service-mindedness – a complex fusion with one big idea behind it. We’re here to safeguard the planet against digital threats. Not just by defending against cyberattacks, but by empowering people to tackle security challenges head-on.

We approach cybersecurity with a creative mindset, constantly on the lookout for bold and innovative ways to tackle emerging threats. We thrive on thinking outside the box in our pursuit of the unexpected, the unconventional, and the unheard of. It’s our relentless drive for security innovation that keeps us at the forefront of cyber threats, consistently elevating the quality of our offerings.

We’re lucky to have established ourselves as a force within cybersecurity in Iceland. But we know cyberattacks happen across the planet and there’s no indication that they will stop anytime soon. So while we started our journey in Iceland, our sights are set far beyond its borders. Our mission extends across the planet, aiming to secure the future of the digital landscape for everyone, everywhere.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Creativity


We are lucky enough to already be world-leading in our field. But we only got there – and will only stay there – through the continued pursuit of excellence in all we do. No matter what product, no matter what project. We must work harder and work smarter, all at once.


We are driven by a simple desire – to make the digital world truly safe for people in Iceland and beyond. And safety always starts from a place of trust. That’s why we’ll never do anything to compromise the interests of the people we work with, or let our own business considerations stand in the way of whatever the best cybersecurity solution for them might be.


We are unafraid to be disruptive in our pursuit of effective security measures, because we know that our ever-evolving adversaries will be similarly creative. We find joy in the new angle or the unexpected solution, and it sets us far apart from others in the industry. After all, our whole business was born out of one 13-year old’s curious experiments from his hospital bed.

At Syndis, we don't just secure data; we innovate, take social responsibility seriously, and uphold the values of excellence, integrity, and creativity.  

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