What is a Cyber Breach Exercise?

The threat of Cyber Attacks, and the cost derived from such events, is on the rise. These kinds of attacks have no borders, and can be deployed interdisciplinary with the click of a button. This harsh reality means that preparing for such an inevitability is paramount to ensure the safety, and well being of your organization. One of the tools to help counter this is are Cyber Breach exercises. A Cyber Breach exercise is a simulation of actions taken given a specific security incident.

How does it work?

Syndis offers a variety of exercises that can be tailored to an organization’s environment, and are based on realistic incidents. These exercises begin with a “State of the world” which, is then escalated by injecting story points that demand certain hands-on reaction from participants. The reaction can vary from being very technical to a business related decisions making it interdisciplinary and more realistic.

Why do they matter?

By focusing on being ready for the inevitability of a data breach, or targeted cyber attack, an organization can lower the cost, and risk of such an event. This is achieved by training their employees on how to react to realistic scenarios and letting lessons become reflexes. These exercises also help identify pot holes, within the organization, in a training environment rather than dealing with them in a real life crisis. They also help identify roles, and determine responsibilities of relevant staff which is critical to being able to adequately deal with an incident.

Syndis simulated a realistic and multi participant cyber breach exercise which helped us understand and prepare for the constant cyber attacks we face on a daily basis
- Halldór Halldórsson, Chief Security Officer at Landsnet (National Energy Grid)

What to expect

  • Real life scenarios, tailored to the participants IT environment.
  • Results that can be used to create or better refine a Cyber Incident Response Plan.
  • Hands on participation from interdisciplinary groups within the organization.
  • On site table top or remote coordinating exercises.
  • Goal oriented storylines that are aimed at specific attributes within an organization.
  • Raised security awareness and preparedness for cyber threats

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