Summer Internships at Syndis

with possibility of continued employment at Syndis

 James, Heiðar and Hlynur are Syndis´s leading team in Adversary. 

James, Heiðar and Hlynur are Syndis´s leading team in Adversary. 

Syndis is a leading information security company helping to defend organizations by providing bespoke services and innovative security solutions in the global market. (

The job consists of helping to build Adversary, which is a web-based interactive training platform that puts its users in the shoes of a malicious hacker. Adversary consists of a series of self-guided exercises called labs, walkthroughs and various resources to help guide and inform users. Adversary is sponsored by a technology innovation grant from the Icelandic Center for Research (Rannís).

Your role will be to do magic with the front-end portion of Adversary using the React user interface library. You will be working with a team of three or more developers, as well as other Syndis principals. 

  • Ideal candidates are collegial, outgoing with a passion for technology and security. 
  • Candidates should have experience with:
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • React or similar framework (e.g. Angular, vue.js).
    • Software testing methods (unit testing, api testing, etc)
  • Successful candidates also have experience with:
    • Python / Flask / PostgreSQL
    • Redux
    • Webpack
    • Designing User Interfaces (Good eye for design)
    • Docker / Linux
  • Salary is commensurate with experience -- if you are great we’ll pay you accordingly. Students looking for summer internships are especially encouraged to apply. We imagine most of the work taking place during the summer months, but timing is fully flexible.

To apply for the position, send an email to with the following information and attachments:

  • Your resume or CV, including your github/bitbucket profile (if applicable), programming languages and frameworks you have used, 
  • URLs of websites that you have developed, or a portfolio that demonstrates your web development skills.
  • Names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of two to three professional references who can comment on your abilities.

We will begin screening applications after Easter. All applications will be answered.