What is Computer Forensics?

Syndis offers full computer forensics services to meet the needs of companies and government agencies to investigate potential incidents or data leaks. While not all cases that arise will result in a lawsuit or go to court, they still need to be investigated. Law enforcement agencies are unable to investigate private matters for companies unless someone is being charged with a felony. In contrast, Syndis can help by investigating digital media within your organization, such as desktop computers, servers, laptops and any handheld device such as mobile phones and tablets.


How does it work?

Syndis is equipped with approved software and hardware tools to create forensic duplicates of almost any digital media and analyzing the copies with approved methods.

Among the tools used by Syndis for forensic duplication are:
  • Write blockers for standard hard drives
  • Mobile forensics toolkit
     - Smartphones - including latest Android and iPhones
     - Tablets - including latest Android and iPads
     - USB and SD card write blocker
  • Mobile device analysis software
  • Forensic Imaging and analysis software
     - Law enforcement and industry accepted tools
  • Various open-source tools


Why is it relevant?

By bridging the gap between the legal system, and companies or government agencies, Syndis can help investigating and verifying digital data before the case becomes a legal matter. Law enforcement investigation and the court system process can take up to few years to complete and in some cases without a conclusive result. Using Syndis’s expertise can thus save considerable time and cost for both the customer and the legal system. 

Syndis not only investigated but ultimately provided detailed forensic evidence that helped resolve the case.
— Customer of Syndis Forensics


  • Full forensics capability

  • Court and law enforcement accepted tools and methods

  • Analysis of data and events

  • Inferring the timeline of a breach

  • Cross-platform analysis

    • Timeline correlation between computers and mobile devices

  • Broad perspective in data analysis

    • If items of interest are found and are not on the checklist, they will be investigated and put into context.